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Superchick and Rock and a Hard Place - Reader Reviews

The following reader reviews are included here with the kind permission of those who originally wrote them...

"Absolutely hilarious .. laughed out loud on more then one occasion ...a pacy, engaging, highly entertaining read... deffo a winner gets my two thumbs up .. I will be ordering more for my buddies. I've been talking about the book ever since finishing it .. just so so funny! Well done..."
- Eimear Brennan, Dublin

"I've read some really funny books but I don't think I've ever laughed till I cried with such gusto as I did reading Superchick. Everyone should read this book and I'm definitely going to make sure all my friends do..."
- Aoife Cartwright, Dublin

"Well done! I laughed my way through the last 50 pages, eyes streaming...you have a real comic talent..."
- H.E. Declan O'Donovan, Irish Ambassador to Spain (former Ambassador to Japan)

"Fantastic! First of all, congratulations and secondly thanks a lot for giving me the best laugh I have had in a long time. I can't remember any book making tears stream down my face like your one did. People on the plane with me kept thinking I was crying..."
- Peter Timmons, Dublin

"I have read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Couldn't stop laughing aloud as I read the book, actually. Well done!"
- Susan Loane, Sydney

"Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed the book. Best $20 I ever spent..."
- Jason Taikato, Sydney

"I go through a number of mediocre books a year. This one was serious 'paydirt'. Flawless. Best of luck with it...I don't think you need it though..."
- Kevin Mannion, South Africa

"Just to let you know I've read the book and thought it was excellent. Any book that can make me laugh out loud gets a definite thumbs up. Well done..."
- Anita Boyle, Dublin

"FAN-bloody-TASTIC. It's a sceam, really, a feckin' giggle. The banter is just soooo funny and spot on... the characters are EXCELLENT, the pace perfect... it's really a panic. It's physically made my explode several times!! Brilliant! Well done..."
- Robert Corrigan, Tokyo

"I'm just writing to say what a fantastic read Superchick is. I'm still giggling at parts of it, two days after I finished reading it...well done!"
- Ronan Waide, Dublin

"Quality book. Probably the funniest I've ever read and I've read some very funny books. A fine ending as well..."
- Martin Bogle, New York

"I just finished it this afternoon (I started it yesterday!) Well done!! I thought it was really funny..."
- Catherine MacSweeney, Cork

"I have just finished Superchick and thoroughly enjoyed it! It is really well written - especially all the conversation parts - and very funny. I just wanted to say congratulations and I would recommend it to anyone."
- Elaine Nicell, Dublin

"I got a copy of the book last night, have not put it down. Really enjoying it. Great job, keep it up."
- Foxy, California

"I thoroughly enjoyed the read and will definitely recommend it to friends. The writing and characters in particular were brilliant..."
- Seamus Hanly, Mullingar

"Am loving the book, on chapter 15 and there are some truly brilliant and hilarious passages in it."
- Stewart Ward, Florida

"I really liked the book...an amazing achievement...far funnier than Roddy Doyle..."
- Collette Gallagher, Dublin

"I read Superchick over the last weekend and found it recommendedly entertaining..."
- Barry Cantwell, UK

"I've finished reading your book and really enjoyed it. Definitely got a few laughs out of it along the way. Looking forward to the next one!"
- Christine Dowling, Dublin

"I'm nearly finished Superchick and it's definitely the funniest book I've ever read...it's a scream!"
- Deirdre McCormack, Boyle

"I have finished Superchick and I really enjoyed it - and did actually laugh out loud. I loved it and am sure it will sell millions!"
- Bobby Lehane, Limerick

"I am half way through Superchick and am laughing myself mad with about every turning page!"
- Eugene Beattie, New York

"It's really brilliant.. Well done!! Some of the scenes are just piss funny. Looking forward to seeing it on the big screen!!"
- Sinead ONeill, Drogheda

"Excellent read...I destroyed it in two sittings, something I've never done before with a book. Brilliant! I found myself laughing out loud and reading passages to complete strangers!"
- Glynn Gillett, Dublin

"It was absolutely hilarious. I couldn't put it down once I began - really wonderful. I laughed at times until I was about to wet myself. What a wonderful story and the characters too are fabulous..."
- Karen Pembroke, California

"Finished the book the other day, must say I really enjoyed it - very funny. Looking forward to reading the next one!"
- Ronan Nolan, Dublin

"Got the book on Friday, started it on Sunday, finished it yesterday. Fair dues to you ! Had a great laugh at it..."
- Eithne Jones, Amsterdam

"To cut a long story short I loved it. I couldn't put it down. It was brilliant stuff. Loads of laugh-out-loud moments and the ending was just class."
- John Weir, Dublin

"I've just finished it and thought it was very good. It's not often I get to laugh out loud at a book. I reckon I could put real names on some of the characters..."
- David Martin, Meath (hmm, that'd be Steve's brother then...)

"The business! I got a great kick out of it! I read it in a week or so - and found myself laughing out loud all the time. I shut the book with a good grin (but not wanting it to be finished either)."
- Elaine Guiney, Tokyo

"What can I say? Loving it..."
- Ben Smith, London

"Have both finished your book and we both really enjoyed it. I had to really try not to laugh out loud on the train..."
- Price Strader, Oregon

"this is your nephew Conor. Just dropped in to say hi. my da is in bed reading your book now. he is laghing. love Conor."
- Conor Martin (Age 10), Ireland

"I'm reading Superchick! It's keeping me up 'til all hours. Very good. Made me cry from the giggling. I am enjoying it thoroughly. I want to pass it on to people. I know they'll love it..."
- Browen Conor, Dublin

"Finished the book last night and it was fucking brilliant...."
- Sean Burke, Tallaght

"If I get put in a loony bin it'll be your fault. People keep looking at me on the ferry and on the bus, because I'm sitting there laughing...very loudly!"
- Danny Brown, UK

"Read the book and I must admit it was thoroughly enjoyable...the part with the...[deleted]...has to be one of the funniest, most astute pieces I've read in ages and throughout the book I really wanted to find out what happened next. I've given it to a few friends and they loved it too."
- Will Byrne, New York

"Finished it last night. It's excellent, a really good read. The conversations in it are side-splittingly hilarious. The characters are brill as well..."
- Mick Mehigan, Waterford

"The book is absolultely hilarious... thanks for giving us a great read... I wish you all the best with it..."
- Judith Fitzgerald, Kerry

"FECKIN BRILLIANT!! I didn't get a wink of sleep all weekend - finished it 11am Sunday morning after waking at 9 and grabbing it straightaway!! I was reading it out on the phone to my sister last night and she was in stitches!!
- Chiara Keohane, Sydney

"What can I say.. I couldn't get to the end fast enough...super. The many different angles were just great ...thanks for the spin and roll on Superchick II.!!"
- Con O'Grady, Dublin

"I just thought I'd send you a little note to tell you that I very much enjoyed the book. It had me laughing the whole way through and I think it will be a great success, best of luck with it." - Darragh McDaid, Sydney

"Well honest to God, it's a brilliant book I cried and all at the end .. it was brilliant! Actually, it'd make a really good film??"
- Gillian Barrett, Kildare

"I absolutely loved it.....became completely engrossed!!! And it is so funny :-)) I was reading it under the desk in work one day and I broke down into hysterical laughter and had to run to the jacks to try and compose myself!!"
- Fiona McDonnell, Ardee

"I thought your book was great, especially the end, which I thought was hilarious..."
- Sean O'Regan, Cork

"I'm reading a borrowed copy of your book & raved about it so much, a few friends now want to buy it. It's the first book that's made me laugh out loud in a long time. Well done! Can I get six copies off you?"
- Fiona Mannion, Sydney

"Got the book over the weekend and have already finished it - really enjoyed it - had me reading it whilst pretending to work. Brilliant job - when's the sequel out?"
- Emer Noble, Hong Kong