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Name: Waide Date: 2009-03-24
Email: nophishinghere@gmail.com

Reading Ride On at the moment, introduced to this author by my brother in Dublin. Reminds me so much of college. Thanks for the laugh but you are waking up my kid every time I laugh...

Name: Robert Date: 2009-01-15
Email: robertjamesllc@gmail.com

Nice work on the site, enjoyed it!

Name: Ramona Date: 2009-01-14
Email: gutierrez_nina@hotmail.fr

Hey!! I'm french, living in Cambodia, and I found "Superchick" in a little bookshop over Phnom Penh, without knowing anything about it. I just thought it could be funny... and it was reaaally hilarious!!! thank U so much for this!! Now I'm just wondering whether I could ever get the next 2 ones in Phnom Penh... hope so!! great job!!!

Name: Ger http://www.ultimatebiz4u.com Date: 2009-01-08
Email: success@hot-shot.com

Love the website! Fantastic images!

Name: jacob Date: 2008-12-29
Email: jacobbarley@hotmail.co.uk

nice site :)

Name: neil Date: 2008-12-17

Fansastic books.Just can't put them down,Feels like their my mates!!!!! Great Craic!!

Name: edwin bilk Date: 2008-10-28
Email: edwinbilk@gmail.com

the site is so nice

Name: JYOTHI http://www.ezinfocenter.com/7385520/FREE Date: 2008-10-21
Email: workathom08@rediffmail.com

Very good website. Comments from www.ezinfocenter.com/7385520/FREE Work from Home

Name: connor Date: 2008-10-14
Email: onebottletoomany@gmail.com

Please see previous.... I'M such an arse! Got my email wrong...it's 'onebottletoomany@gmail.com (methinks there is an answer in the title)... anyway, loving the stories and still laughing...

Name: Connor Date: 2008-10-14
Email: 0nebottlelttmany@gmail.com

Absolute brilliance! There is one point made above...I WASN'T drawn by the cover (now I would be, knowing..) I almost missed the best books I've read in years...just like 'The Grove'..word will spread....ROCK OoonN!!!

Name: rob shasta Date: 2008-10-10
Email: robertshasta2006@gmail.com

hey everyone!

Name: joe Date: 2008-09-27
Email: joe@joespooner.com

great bok if you need a proofreader im' your man

Name: Ralph Nerdlinger Date: 2008-09-18
Email: ralph.nerdlinger@gmail.com

Loved your last book.

Name: Aileen Date: 2008-09-18

These 3 books are by far the funniest i have read in a long time,, witty,,,laugh out loud moments and feel good book!!Excellent!!Shiggys accent cracks me up!!!

Name: Mary Date: 2008-09-15
Email: mary.woolnoth@googlemail.com

Great site, great books. Keep up the good work.

Name: onye olu Date: 2008-09-11
Email: onye_olu@yahoo.com

cool and educativeoooooo

Name: jankamugu Date: 2008-09-10
Email: jankamugu@yahoo.co.uk

mama say love one as u love yr self say by mama thanks

Name: Ivor Date: 2008-08-19
Email: ivor.swallow@googlemail.com

Really great books, I will not hesitate to recommend you!

Name: Adam Caruth Date: 2008-08-08
Email: caruthaf@yahoo.com

Can't judge a book from its cover! Well that's what I did and I am still smiling. I was sucked into picking up the books as I had just finished a Ross O'Carrol Kelly and the artwork was similar, after reading the back, I was hooked. Bought and read all three, then sent my brother copies in the states. Convinced him to look out for Hollywood producer to leave a copy with. Stephen. "More Books ...(trimmed)

Name: Justin Healy Date: 2008-07-26
Email: justinshealy@gmail.com

Aesop is up there with Bilbo Baggins, Joey the Lips and Jesus Christ for best all time fictional character and I think I'd put my trust in him over the other two any day...fair dues Mister Martin, sublime stuff.

Name: Ben Date: 2008-07-23
Email: benamin.dover@yahoo.com

I am reading all your books great work.

Name: Sean Date: 2008-07-18

I think Aesop may be one of my favourite fictional characters of all time... It's impossible to read about him on the Dart & not laugh out loud

Name: ozougwu ugonna Date: 2008-07-16
Email: ozougwuugonna@gmail.com

i just come across this site and i like it Mr Martin, I really enjoy your unique brand of humor. but any person that needs any medical asistance such as donation of parts, should contact me.

Name: Donal O' Leary Date: 2008-06-28
Email: learyodonal@hotmail.com

Thanks Stephen for giving us such great humour. There really is something about Aesop. And also thanks for fingering the pulse that is great Irish rock music. Play me those melodies I long to know so I may teach my children.

Name: Pete Moss Date: 2008-06-23
Email: petemoss@419baiter.com

I Love your informative site. Well done. You know what? In spite of all the of the setbacks that I have suffered as a result of the incessant political crisis here in Togo, I'll fully intend to be back to visit. Thanks.

Name: HomeMadeDuctTape@aol.com HomeMadeDuctTape@aol.com Date: 2008-06-08
Email: HomeMadeDuctTape@aol.com

Mr Martin, I really enjoy your unique brand of humor. I wish I could tap that brain of yours and steal some jokes. Reading your work has been very enjoyable.

Name: NWABANGWA http://www.maga.com Date: 2008-06-05
Email: nwaba-owerri@yahoo.com

good work com mugu

Name: BILL GOLD http://nigeriawealth.com Date: 2008-05-23
Email: billgold@doctor.com

great site. billgold@doctor.com

Name: Knud Deknock Date: 2008-05-21
Email: knuddkk@googlemail.com

Hope I brand new novel will appear soon! And nice site moreover :)

Name: aburo http://mugu.info Date: 2008-03-31
Email: aburojei@yahoo.co.uk


Name: Kevin Date: 2008-03-20
Email: kevin@qualtechconferences.com

Ive read all 3 - found Rock and a Hard Place in a hostel in Laos and loved it - ride on is also excellent - anything new coming up??

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Name: Don O Shaughnessy Date: 2008-01-03
Email: donalinthesun@hotmail.com

Hey Stephen, i recieved a signed copy of ur book for my birthday from a friend Nath Adler, i live on koh tao Thailand and it has been since passed around to Irish, English,Aussies,Canadians and even the Yanks got it, well done mate.Thank You

Name: Caoimhin Date: 2007-12-20
Email: Martink_kevin@yahoo.ie

Nollaig shona duit

Name: Celeste Cliquot Date: 2007-12-17
Email: celestecliquot@live.com

I love it, you are very funny.

Name: Luc Schweitzer Date: 2007-11-28
Email: luc.schweitzer@gmail.com

Hi Stephen- I received "Superchick" as a present from a very good friend (Sheila Clarke). And I thought “Oh right! One of those books that the author printed a few hundred copies of and couldn’t sell them. So he is abusing his friends to distribute it…”. Man, was I surprised! Superchick is brilliant! One of the most hilarious books I have ever read. Having worked with Irishmen for nearly 15 years ...(trimmed)

Name: Lynda Thompson Date: 2007-11-14
Email: zuffee@hotmail.com

Have to wear me scarf up over me mouth when reading on the train in case people think I'm completely doolally laffin away to meself. It is only a trick trilogy isn't it? There's really another book isn't there???!!!! Oh, and thanks a mill for autographed copies for Christmas gift, I am sure they will be appreciated.

Name: Therese Norton Date: 2007-11-07
Email: therese.norton@yahoo.co.uk

absolutely fantastic books.. couldnt put them down. pity we cant continue enjoying them.. please do " a one off" special..plz.....

Name: simon Date: 2007-09-25

absolutely brilliant books, would recommend them in a heatbeat

Name: mugueze http://www.mugu.com Date: 2007-09-18
Email: mugu@hotmail.com

Looking forward to reading both books some day soon - have read enough e-mails from you to (Harroo) to think a book would be good "craic" - bicycles in Tokyo always brought a chuckle.

Name: eoin kelly Date: 2007-08-23
Email: kellyeoin@gmail.com

easons are selling 'superchick' and 'rock and a hard place' in their two for one deals, but then charge full price for 'ride on'. bastards taking advantage of getting hooked.

Name: 21 Year Quiff Date: 2007-08-18
Email: ptibbles@dublin.ie

Read Ride On over two days in Bulgaria last month and laughed out loud all the way through it. Back now and bought first two books, and nearly finished Superchick. In Bulgaria, we met a great group from Ringsend and I swear one guy was Norman & the other Aesop!

Name: Dennis Date: 2007-08-09
Email: none@nothing.nl

Found 'Superchick' laying around at my job (the airport). Read the first 2 pages, and was hooked. Now almost finished it, and i will order the next 2 soon! Brilliant stuff, laughing out from some of the stuff in there ;) :D

Name: Annette Enright Date: 2007-08-09
Email: annette.enright@fleetstreetravel.com

excellent find! i must say there was not much publicity surrounding the authour and i was dubious about picking out the book - but what a reward!! an absolute gem

Name: Benjamin Date: 2007-08-05
Email: tomasiellobr@gmail.com

Superchick was hilarious...a laugh out loud read.

Name: Gina Date: 2007-07-16
Email: rees_no1@hotmail.com

I cant read these books in public places! Please keep writing them...

Name: Dara Date: 2007-06-10
Email: dara.barry-hayes@eircom.net

wow, just finished Ride On. absolutely brilliant, have rad all three books but this was the best, first time I have laughed out loud reading a book. Please do another!!!!

Name: Derek Doyle Date: 2007-06-06
Email: ddoyle@vodafone.ie

Just this week finished reading 'Rock in a Hard Place'. Feeling a bit down cos I had nothing left to look forward to in my sad life. Decided to do a little surfing on the net - if it improved Aesop's vocabulary it might just work for me - and Jaysis amn't I just after finding out that the new book is available. Brilliant! I'm off to the shops tomorrow.

Name: Gor http://http://www.myspace.com/gor2001 Date: 2007-05-29

To the people giving me funny looks on the Dart yesterday, Sorry about the appearent mania, I wasn't drunk (much) nor do I need to be comitted to the care of mental health professionals (probably) It's just some time since I've read anything as funny as the description of "brokeback fountain"

Name: Pete McClenahan Date: 2007-05-24
Email: admin@baseballqld.asn.au

Picked up Superchick from your brother (that's who he said he was) whilst at Evason Resort in Phuket. A great read, would love to hear a recording of Caillte and then watch the movie. I'm going looking for the other two books this weekend. Cheers...

Name: Seppo http://www.matthewmarcus.com Date: 2007-05-21

Yo Stevie. Great website my friend. Perfect to go along w/ a triology of sensational books. Hope HK is treating you fine. Cheerio mate! - Seppooooooooo

Name: mark maguire Date: 2007-05-17
Email: mark@mertonprint.com

Hi Steve,great to see all is going well ! myself ,pat gray and cathal o donnell just having lunch and decided to drop a line !best of luck in the future,Ps we enjoyed the book ! Cheers from Cameron Park

Name: Geert Date: 2007-05-14
Email: gele_skylined@yahoo.com

I really loved superchick and just finished the second book which I also adored. Please hurry with the 3th one :-)

Name: Jonny Date: 2007-05-06
Email: jonny.cantwell@gmail.com

First you teach my wife how to play Gaelic Football. Then I find myself drafted in to play it too. Finally she tells me to read this book by her coach. So now it is 1am and I have ready the whole thing in one sitting. It has been wonderful craic! Thanks

Name: lisa Date: 2007-03-28
Email: sasi871@gmail.com

To all my fellow daily commuters, I'm very sorry to the humiliating displays of shoulders shaking, tears rolling, shots flying and very loud laughing (anyone who has read superchick and 'rock & hard place) will understand...best book and sequel ever! well done. Roll on May 2007 - have 'ride on' preordered! read the brief review and it promises to be every bit as good as the first two.

Name: Linda Gallagher Date: 2007-03-13
Email: linda2_ie@yahoo.co.uk

Hilarious books, Superchick was passed around in Koh Phangnan between about 12 of us and everyone loved it. Just bought Rock and a Hard Place and am nearly finished it. Agree with Timo, not worth the money cos it's read in hours! Loving your work

Name: Louise Date: 2007-02-26
Email: juggling.book.worm@gmail.com

On page 169 (tee hee) of Rock and a Hard Place. Thanks very much for another great read, which I can asure you will be re-read!

Name: Danielle Lawlor Date: 2007-02-19
Email: elleinad76@msn.com

Hilarious, excellent , laugh out loud stuff!I have everyone out buying it.Can't wait for the next 1.

Name: Paul O'B http://www.inj-yokohama.com & www.discoverlismore. Date: 2007-01-28

2 of the best books I've read, lived in Japan for 3 years and really made me miss Paddy Foleys & those embassy reeceptions. would almost make me watch chap shows on tg4. bring on the next one

Name: Timo http://www.thewanderyears.net Date: 2007-01-08
Email: timo449@hotmail.com

"Superchick" is appallingly bad value for money - because from the first chapter, you will not put it down, and it will all be over in a matter of hours. But whoa, what a great few hours those were! Steve, I have just picked up a copy of Superchick on Mae Nam beach on Ko Samui. You have signed the inside cover, and couldn't have long been gone when I found it. I just want to thank you, for t...(trimmed)

Name: Siobhan Date: 2006-11-21
Email: oneill_siobhan@hotmail.com

I cant wait to read ur next book! I've just finished reading 'superchick' for the second time, and I still laughed out loud - I'm sure it made people wonder what I was reading! I'd love to see it being made into a move...ps...can I be Jennifer :)

Name: Kerri Date: 2006-11-11
Email: kerribeeching@hotmail.com

A bunch of the Seoul Gaels picked up free copies of Superchick in Shanghai last month at the Asian Gaelic Games. There are heaps of us here in Seoul, laughing out loud on the subway while reading it. Sure, it gives the locals another excuse to think we're strange! Look forward to reading Rock and a Hard Place ASAP!!!! Loved it.

Name: Eimear Brennan Date: 2006-08-04
Email: eimear.brennan@gmail.com

Another winner Steve, Hilarious and laugh out loud funny in places .. The Movie is bound to follow! Well done

Name: Norman King http://normanking.com Date: 2006-07-27
Email: normanking@optonline.net

great book...but why ? and where are you now ???...

Name: graham hamill Date: 2006-07-11
Email: hamillster@gmail.com

picked up superchick in sydney after 16 months traveling and was in tears laughing most of the way through. now i want to know where to hear meatloafs underpants

Name: Liam Murphy Date: 2006-07-10
Email: liamgmurphy@eircom.net

Brilliant book - Rock and a hard place. Absolutely hilarious. Made me want to go out and try a Beamish, Murphy's and Guinness but i never built up the courage! The bread thing may work. Fantastic book. 10/10 by far. P.S. The Grove Rule!

Name: Steve Lockwood http://www.sydneycoves.com.au Date: 2006-06-14
Email: steve@lockwood.com.au

I met Steve today for the first time in my professional capacity as his new accountant. This guy really has presence. It was a pleasure to meet you Steve, hope that with my guidance you can be as rich as that other Irish Catholic writer I advised!!

Name: Pat Date: 2006-05-11
Email: pathughes@hotmail.com

Looking forward to reading both books some day soon - have read enough e-mails from you to (Harroo) to think a book would be good "craic" - bicycles in Tokyo always brought a chuckle.

Name: Brian Dolan Date: 2006-04-07
Email: brian@ymadweb.com

I love the guest book. Much better than Steve's book.

Name: Kerry Date: 2005-06-13
Email: Kerry

I was lent the book from my mum who lent it from me brother when she was in auz. It sat on me shelf for ages cause i thought it looked crap and the title seemed a bit shite. However i had to spend the night in hospital with me daughter and this was the only book i could find. (have to say i spent ten minutes trying to find a different one) Any way NEVER judge a book by it's cover. This book has go...(trimmed)

Name: Ciaran Carroll Date: 2005-04-13
Email: ccarroll@moorepark.teagasc.ie

Declan Moore sent me the book (signed by yourself with a "Norman" reference)from Australia last November. An excellent read, a laugh on every page, will make a great film when the time comes!! Lent the book to a female friend who thought reading it would help her become the Superchick... no luck yet but she thought t was hilarious too!! Good luck with the launch!! Will be doing my own word of mout...(trimmed)

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