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Stephen J Martin...

The author of Superchick, Rock and a Hard Place and Ride On was born and raised in Dublin, spent eight years in Tokyo and followed this with six years in Sydney. While in Australia, he turned down an offer to become a professional surfer in order to pursue his lifelong dream of never learning to swim properly. He now lives in Hong Kong, approximately 600 feet above sea level.

Steve has acted and directed for the stage, been the lead singer in a successful rock band and has occasionally been known to design computer systems for investment banks. He regularly tries to take credit for fixing the Y2K bug. Don't mind him.

Superchick is his first novel. He was inspired to write after reading yet another book that had sold millions of copies worldwide and spawned a hugely successful movie despite being utterly shite. Superchick itself was inspired by the song of the same name - featured in the novel and written for his old band in Japan, Yer Mot's a Dog.

Rock and a Hard Place (Spring 2006) and Ride On (Spring 2007), complete the trilogy of books about suburban rockstar Jimmy Collins and his mates. To answer the question he's asked most, all the books are works of fiction. Every word. Honest. (Ahem)

As can be seen from the photograph, Steve's showbiz career started at the age of three. He is shown here being crowned the "Most Beautiful Child in Ireland" in Butlin's, 1974. Steve has always maintained that, contrary to a hurtful and unfounded rumour, his Aunty Dolly was not one of the judges...

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