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The Story so Far ...

The original edition of Superchick consisted of four copies printed out from the author's computer and given to friends as Christmas presents. A self-published edition was then released, first as a 500-copy run and then - when that sold out - a further run of 3000 copies was printed. Mercier Press in Cork, Ireland, soon heard of this hilarious debut and immediately offered to publish it.

Now, three years and two sequels later, Stephen J. Martin's books are being enjoyed all over the globe and their author invariably hailed as one of the most talented Irish writers to emerge in recent years.

Join Jimmy Collins and his friends as they travel Dublin, Ireland and the world in the persuit of wine, women, song ... and lots of laughs.


All women are bastards...

Jimmy Collins – competent middle manager by day, suburban rockstar by night – has just been dumped and he’s not taking it very well. Even a visit to his stylist can’t cheer him up. He decides to take control of the situation, convincing his friends to help him find the perfect girl – beautiful (but loyal), smart (but not too smart), confident (without being feminist), an expert bun-maker who’s indifferent about shopping, enthusiastic about Star Trek and scornful of self-help books.

As lead singer and guitarist with one of Dublin’s best-known pub bands, The Grove, Jimmy decides to kick things off by writing a song for her; the mythical babe who’s got it all – Superchick.

But where should he go looking for her?

How will he know if he finds her?

Who even said that finding her would be the hard part?

And why is there a little Japanese guy following him around with a saxophone?

"Whether you're a musician yourself or simply a music lover, Superchick will rock your world!" - Stephen Lawson, Total Guitar

"Highly amusing ... laugh-out-loud ... successfully combines serious questions about life, leavened with an eye for the ridiculous..." - Irish Emigrant

"Brilliant! A laugh a minute ... rich, humorous and incredibly vivid..." - Irish Echo

Superchick by Stephen J Martin

Rock and a Hard Place

Play drums, drink beer and ride as many women as possible...

His mate Aesop isn’t a complicated person. For Jimmy though, life just wasn’t that simple.

Being a rockstar was all he ever wanted but it was supposed to happen when he was seventeen, not in his thirties. Now he has this big important job and his boss thinks he’s ready. He’s being groomed for stardom all right, but in the boardroom, not a beer-soaked, panty-strewn concert hall.

When The Grove suddenly becomes the band everyone’s talking about, Jimmy starts to feel the pressure. Something’s got to give.

Even his doctor says he needs to relax and Jimmy’s not inclined to argue with a woman wearing a latex glove.

"Martin brilliantly evokes the cruelty, the fun, the allure of the impossible dream. I laughed, thought back - and then laughed again!" - Tom Dunne, TodayFM

"The dialogue drips with authenticity ... Rock and a Hard Place is guaranteed to raise at least a smile among its audience..." - Irish Examiner

"One hilarious incident after another ... irreverent and amusing ..." - Irish Emigrant

Rock and a Hard Place by Stephen J Martin

Ride On

There's something about Aesop...

Being a famous rockstar isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Jimmy has enough on his plate with his writer's block, his absent bass player and his disastrous love life ... and now it looks like his drummer has gotten on the wrong side of a stalker. Brilliant.

But Aesop loves being famous and is taking full advantage of the legions of female fans clamouring for his attention. Only thing is, someone seems to want him very badly and he doesn't know who it is. The band needs to find him a bodyguard. But where do you find a professional - one with special forces experience - who'll put up with someone like Aesop?

There's only one man for the job, but if he's going to do it, he's going to do it his way ...

"Ól, ceoil agus hole ... brilliant!" - Eoin Dillon, Kíla

"Martin really digs deep into the Irish psyche with yet another laugh-out-loud read ..." - Johnnie Fingers

"Martin's novels work not only because they make you laugh out loud, but because ultimately he makes you look in the mirror and accept - possibly even nurture - your own insecurities and foibles" - Stephen Lawson, Total Guitar

Ride On by Stephen J Martin